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The Malbrue Group Is In The Media!

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Hot Off The Press! 

Our very own Brandeis Malbrue Parkman has been featured in the Winter 2024 edition of Southern Crescent Women in Business Magazine. This recognition is a testament to her tireless efforts as a lobbyist, driving meaningful change and promoting diversity in the political landscape.

Brandeis is no stranger to the power corridors. With an impressive background that includes graduating from Spelman College and earning a Juris Doctor degree from Georgia State University College of Law, her career has been dedicated to advocating for impactful policies. She has been instrumental in achieving numerous legislative victories, showcasing her expertise and passion for making a difference.  Her mission? To build bridges, create dialogue, and shape legislation that reflects our diverse society.

This recent feature in Southern Crescent isn't just about Brandeis; it's about all women changing policy behind the scenes. It's about the dynamic ladies who are pushing boundaries, breaking glass ceilings, and making their voices heard in the political arena. 

Did you know that only 10.2% of national lobbyists are African American, and an even smaller percentage are women?  That's why Brandeis' work is so crucial. She's not just shaping policy; she's reshaping the narrative around women in politics. And she's just getting started.

Brandeis' recognition serves as a reminder that diversity, empowerment, and representation matter — in politics and beyond. It also signals to potential clients and fellow lobbyists that Brandeis is a force to be reckoned with, always on the lookout for new opportunities to drive change. 

So here's to Brandeis and all the women out there making waves in politics. You're not just in the game; you're changing it.  Let's keep the conversation going. Engage with this post, share it, and let's celebrate the women's changing policy behind the scenes.

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